this sunday i listened to the comedy radio play DER HOLLEDAUER SCHIMMEL
a Bavarian classic from the 50s
it really is the best - i was laughing from the beginning to the end
and it reminded me i made a TINY BOUQUET #14 ANDENKEN AN MÜNCHEN
(using a vintage cup saying so - unfortunatly you can´t see that)
this was a couple of month ago
and while i worked on it
i told W about some setbacks and got a bit carried away
so i´m sure he thought i lost it when i started to add pretzel sticks
to give it an OBATZTER look (a Bavarian cheese cream eaten in beer gardens)
and i made an apricot caramel cake - turned out so sweet my teeth hurt
if E comes visiting tomorrow i´ll give this  BLUEBERRY LEMON VERBENA PIE a try
also we worked on an other little piece:
a little dancing bowl
it even has a nice ring to it
and the loveliest hammered finish

3 Kommentare:

  1. das verstehe ich nicht:
    Dies war ein paar Monate vor
    und während ich daran gearbeitet
    Ich erzählte über W einiger Rückschläge und bekam ein bisschen hin
    so ich bin sicher, er dachte, ich verlor sie, als ich Salzstangen hinzufügen begonnen
    um ihm einen Blick Obatzter (eine bayerische Käsecreme in Biergärten gegessen)

  2. you have a clean blog and i love your header!
    its so cool!

    greetings from Hong Kong!

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