tonight i dreamed i met a guy working as a knight on horseback
at a kind of reenactment amusement park
but he also worked as an English and maths teacher
since he needed some structure
we were married within three weeks
and lived in a weirdly awesome bungalow
when i looked out of the window this morning
everything was green instead of white
and so warm i didn´t need a jacket
so i set to the first bit of spring garden cleaning
everything seems so be ready to start a new year
so many promising dark red buds
on the tree paeonies planted last year
and the sedums and tulips look like they just can´t wait
best find - a hidden helleborus in bloom
(and there IS going to be a whole bed filled with those for sure)
the crazy thing is
this garden doesn´t seem to have any weeds
besides wood avens, rosa rugosa, sunchoke and grass
(two of them self-inflicted by grandmothers friend)
last night when i was pondering on how a meadow
needing to be tended to by a sickle
was clearly not an option for me and my back
i thought about turning it into a huge thyme spread instead
the flat and tiny kind
well, we´ll see about that...
BLAU is the new magazine by ZIERRAT UND GOLD
a hoop earring - custom made of gold
a BEEKEEPERS QUILT made of my grandmothers left over yarn
made while watching HOMELAND
has to wait
since my hands and arms are too sore
due to too much time spent on the computer
(but my physiotherapist admired my arm muscles - made by filing)

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  2. please don´t misunderstand me anna
    - but I love you for your words and everything

  3. Immer gespannt auf deine Bilder, fast schon süchtig :)

  4. zugefrorene flüsse zeigen den winter so sehr.
    deine bilder erzeugen wunderbare stimmungen.

    dein text tut das übrige,

    ich freue mich immer sehr darüber!

    1. jeden tag ein neuer fluss
      neue farbe
      neues licht

      so wie das leben und die laune...

  5. liebe anna, erhaben - das ist wirklich ein sehr schönes wort für euch und eure arbeit. wunderbar der blick hinter. ... und seit ich ja bei dir immer diese kuchenstücke sehe, möchte ich eigentlich jedes süß in dreiecke teilen :)

    1. ach nina, da werd ich immer noch rot bei diesem wort und weiß gar nicht, ob wir das verdient haben...

      die dreiecke kommen von der ausstechfaulheit.

  6. Such a great post, all around. I like the photographs, your dream, your real life seeming very close to a dream, the snow falling. Thank you.