reading your most kind words
made me already start some new "projects"
it will take a while, but i´m very excited about working on them
thank you all
winning an awesome silk scarf from the amazing girls of HUI HUI
made me a very happy fellow
it´s such a beautiful treasure
the sun - oh my - i´m so in love with her
it´s going to be more cloudy and cold the next few days
but she was out for some long days now
which i spent in the garden with my new best enemies ivy and mahonia
ripping and chopping away until my feet started to shake
no end in sight though
my uncle will come round with a chain saw and a huge axe soon
an abandoned nursery in my neighborhood is going to be torn down
so we set out to save at least a fraction of a huge sweeping bed of Chinese anemone, limonium and tulips
our family has kind of a rescue habit
once we didn´t only take the hydranges, ferns and peonies but also the vintage wrought iron fence
before they could throw everything away
my first roses
almost being 30 is probably a good time to start trying to grow some
and only one rosa gallica ROBERT LE DIABLE
the other ones are apparently "blooming constantly" which has a very nice ring to it
i had now idea that i into primroses
but standing in a hothouse full of them
made me fall for those cuties
and i want at least a thousand of those frittilaria uva-vulpis
this brass olive branch wreath is probably my sawing masterpiece so far
we´re working on a quite clean and abstract collection
and this is the whimsical counterpart
it needs to be lasercut, since no one could pay for those hours of sawing
these SHOES or those SHOES

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  1. nur ganz schnell: die abigail - mit denen liebäugle ich auch ;)
    traumhaft schön sinds!

    1. ausverkauft in meiner größe und farbe... zu langsam...

  2. those http://www.stories.com/Shoes/Flats/Abigail_Lorick_Slippers/582744-558360.1

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  5. Your family's rescue habit makes me smile. Enjoy your roses. Re: shoes...how about both?

  6. Ich liebe den Olivenkranz! Wunderschön!

    1. meinst du den kleinen goldenen? den liebe ich auch!

    2. ach, ihr zwei... und das ist erst der anfang:)