bits and pieces from the last weeks

so many wild tulips in my garden
they´re the best ones - ANDREA loves them too
got mine HERE - excellent selection and quality

just a redness-hider
who loves a bit of lipstick and nail polish though
currently trying NAIL GLOW to hide my dirty work nails
since i´m going to have a bit of exploratory surgery in a few weeks
i started to look for little treats to look forward to afterwards
like getting a new haircut
wearing those dangerously white  and utterly comfortably Chloe jeans
(found at TK Maxx, yay)
for as long as i´m not allowed to work in the workshop or garden
and that pretty blue scarf from MEINGEFANGEN - thank you so much, Franziska
watching my geraniums come to life again
after they´ve spent the winter in the basement
and using the rose varieties to scent my BIRTHDAY CAKE
writing something sweet using the serif cookie cutters from the flea market
making more furniture with W - the first piece is almost finished now
getting painted by E
eating more rhubarb scones with a new friend and fellow glass bead lover
wearing a lot of jewellery from the new collection
since hopefully everything will be ready and in the SHOP before the anaesthesia hits
(slightly based on a recipe from GOOD TO THE GRAIN)
1 (generous) cup spelt flour
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
pinch of salt and vanilla
mix those dry ingredients
rub in 60 g butter or ghee with your fingertips
slice up 3 - 4 stalks of rhubarb and add them to the flour-butter mixture
quickly mix it with 3/4 cup yoghurt using a fork
the doug should be wet but not too sticky
add flour or liquid if needed
pat into a thick disc and slice into 6 wedges
bake for 18 min at 200 degree celsium
have a wonderful Easter week
there might be some special "themed" posts coming up...

16 Kommentare:

  1. hello like-minded
    I´m also a no-make-upper (especially after our 3 month travel)
    because each make up hides my freckles
    if I wear non, I know how I look like
    and if I wear sometimes there is always the typical annoying girl question: I´m smeared?

    love your post natural beauty

    * do you whisper me the recipe?

    1. don´t ever hide your freckles
      i already grew some more this summer - yay
      actually i´m totally allergic to eye make up and way too lazy:)

      i´d recommend adding sliced rhubarb and vanilla to your favorite scone recipe
      in case you have none let me know
      i use the one from good to the grain

    2. just added the recipe to the post anyway:)

  2. The wild tulips are amazing.
    Good luck on your surgery!

    I too would love the rhubarb scones recipe :)

    1. thank you so much!

      i just added the recipe to the post
      but you could also just put rhubarb into your own favorite scone recipe:)

  3. geburtstagskuchenlorbeeren für anna!
    und, du weißt ja, sonnenmut!

    1. wenns ganz gut läuft nehm ich lorbeer:)
      wobei ich eher an meine geranien gedacht hätte
      so fein der duft...

      einen sonnenmut werd ich mir machen
      als glücksbringer
      du hast noch einen?!

  4. oho rhababerscones / wie g u t sich das anhört!
    ich glaube, die hätte ich auch gern bald auf dem tisch.

    schöne klamöttchen hast du da!
    und an was hast du mich da erinnert!: m r i love it :)

    + natürlichkeit. ist eh schöner.

    hab es gut :)

    1. einfach rhabarber in dein lieblingssconerezept - dann brauchst du meins gar nicht:)

      sie ist so gut, oder?
      muss immer wieder lachen wenn ich sie sehe und lese:)

      eiskalte grüße!

  5. Wishing you the best in your surgery, stay strong and positive - like you always are! I think it's a great idea, little treats for afterwards, especially a bright nail polish, how uplifting :) I too am a NO MAKE-UPPER :) I have been thinking about writing about it for awhile, this link makes me think about it again more seriously.

    Take good care of yourself! Be well.

    1. thank you so much for your good wishes and for stopping by! looks like there are a lot of no make-uppers out there - who would have thought:) and i´d love the read about your thoughts on that sometimes!

      all the best!

  6. that tiny blue flower with freckles
    so beautiful!

    no-make upper too
    and good look with the surgery
    little treats for afterwards are the best
    take care and take your time

    1. this kind of violet is actually called "freckles"
      and strangely it grows like crazy in my garden
      they don´t press to well
      otherwise i´d send you one

      and thank you so much for your kind wishes
      i still have a few weeks until it´s done
      so i intend to store up all the good energy from you:)

  7. dear anna,
    i missed a birthday? happy, happy days to you
    and all the best with the coming surgery.
    [i don't make up either but i do camouflage the redness
    - i suffer from rosacea - and sadly hide from heat and sun]
    enjoy the beautiful outfit.

  8. still a couple of weeks away - brithday and surgery:)

    i´m red spotted too - i get´s worse every year...
    have to wear straw hats in the garden otherwise my cheeks would explode:)

    do enjoy the sun though!

  9. Liebe Anna, deine/meine Geranie sieht genauso aus. Hab sie heute vors Fenster gestellt, mal schauen-bin gespannt! Die tulpen sind vorbei, jetzt kommt der Rest. Hab eine gute Zeit.