with all the rain right now
the sun in the pictures seems almost unreal
but it suits my current mood
looks like i´m into endless handiwork projects
it gives me a feeling of continuity when something takes years to be finished
to make rings jeweller need to eat rings
W even tries on a pasta ring while enjoying his coffee
then we are restored and can work a bit more on new things
my uncle dumped an old garage door in my yard
an odd thing to have around
but everybody just loves that amazing turquoise colour
have a lovely Sunday everybody!

6 Kommentare:

  1. so you`ve become a dancer, too!

  2. that color is lovely
    it's such a happy post
    and every time i see an images of your father
    i have to smile
    he looks like mine
    maybe that's why
    only mine never had a pasta ring ;^))
    i wonder where you are working on

    1. so nice to know we have "similar" fathers:)
      maybe you need to buy him a whole package of pasta rings some day
      got ours at an italian specialties store:)

      and yes, that colour is realy great - especially in sunshine!

  3. ein schöner spätsommer
    bei euch :)

  4. you are a busy bee
    Thanks for my lovely cards
    love the ring
    enjoy the rest of the week