a mean summer means mean grapes
three times mean!
that tiny vineyard was most accepting about that insane heat
and my no-watering-policy with that devastating draught going on
quite a few plants gave up
but not the grapes!
also my pollinators worked excellent again this year
instead of me being in a constant worry about the decrease of the bee population
a FREE FORM PIE with a bit of creme fraiche mixed with chia seeds (swapped for an egg)
worked pretty excellent
but the best way to eat those rather hard skinned varieties
is to just roast them for about 15 min until they start loosing their jucies
drizzled with olive oil and honey or any other kind of concoction of that kind
it softens the skin, mellows the tartness
and makes the seeds (detested by many, but not me) even crunchier
here MOLLY YEH roasts SEVEN SPOONS´ grapes
an interview with WSAKE over at JENNADORES
MEN ARE BETTER WRITERS - drove me mad of course
of course found via JESSICA STANLEY and this ESSAY LIST
i´m feeling restless lately
maybe i should become an APPRENTICE

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