guess what - it´s GIVEAWAY time!
to get a PLANT HANGER for free all you have to do is leave a comment under this post until Sunday 21.6.
or/and comment on THIS PICTURE on instagram and like @annawsake
THE WINNER IS @stoeplers
on top of that there are five PLANT HANGERS listed in the shop 
that come with a free set of three tiny ceramic heart pendants made by PAULA VALENTIM
be quick!
Paula also just posted a lovely recipe for OLIVE OIL AND ORANGE BISCUITS
mine turned out to be a bit on the bitter side
i probably used to much orange zest
also we simply can´t get enough of FRÄULEIN TEXT´s GRANOLA - that crunching buckwheat!!!
(i tend to make it with ghee, dried blue berries and cardamom - excellent when you run out of cinnamon)
and those TURMERIC CASHEWS - wow!
it was my first time using cayenne, so they turned out super hot
and can now be used as a spice themselves
and since i had a bottle of almost crystallised rice sirup hidden in on of my vast drawers
i gave this ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL a shot
didn´t look as poetic as in those pictures, more like when you pour a bottle of beer and all that comes out is foam
but now it works (and looks like beer completely without foam)
it looks like i´m completely food driven these days
it´s probably Nigel Slater´s fault
i´m reading too much in his books and now i´m wondering
when i´m going to start dreaming of lamb with apricots and all that tarragon he seams to consume
since foxgloves have planted themselves in the sage patch
(if you´re reading your Agatha Christie closely you know how dangerous that can be)
i don´t dare to try what looks to me like tarragon in my garden
maybe it´s some highly poisonous lookalike too
spent all of my "business money" on getting the blanks for the new collection cut
they just arrived and now SO MUCH work is about to begin
i´m already sore after half a day
so i swear a lot and hide out somewhere eating cookies or nuts
all versions of the BLUE BELL NECKLACES and the PUZZLE RINGS are now back in stock
also i have to get used to the fact that my hair will probably never look neat
and i should probably embrace the style of an unruly toddler
adorned with some of the BARRETTES and HAIR THINGS we´re WORKING ON OF COURSE!
and since i´m working on a ton of gifs to show off our new collection
i thought just tune you in with a tiny one including a smelly chives flower
do i need those SHORTS?
who wants to visit SQIRL with me?
and who does not love this WOMAN?

26 Kommentare:

  1. oooo..... one of my favorites!
    and on my birthday wishlist
    i will keep my fingers crossed

    Nigel Slater! love his books
    and he is the reason i changed our garden into
    a kitchen garden like his ;^))

    so nice to read a post again here
    thanXX and fine weekend to you
    Patrice A.

    1. really? you changed your garden? that´s so amazing... i don´t have time for anything but a flower garden;) his books are wonderful, right?

      keep my fingers crossed for you!

  2. I need those shorts,
    I want to visit SQIRL with you,
    andI love Margot Henderson as well!!

    1. Iist das Kleid von 0941?)

    2. the dress was a club monaco find at tk maxx... yes, i do go there;)

      still not sure about those shorts... did you order them?

    3. Wenn ich hier einen hätte würde ich auch gehen!!!! : )
      Aber wohne ja am A****!! ; )

  3. Antworten
    1. you won! please let me know your contact information!

    2. since i didn´t hear back from you and there was no contact information provided i had to give the plant hanger to an other participant!

  4. Oh wonderful! And I just popped over to your sore, so many lovelies x

  5. Oh, I would love a plant hanger! Loved this rambling post too ;)

  6. wackelanna!
    haare tun eh immer nur maximal zwischendurch mal so, als wären sie cool,
    dann kommt sicher irgendwas, im blödesten fall der friseur.

    1. hier immer nur maximal ein tag nach friseur - derzeit wie stroh.

      manchmal ist es auch gut, sich mit sehr nichtigen problemchen abzugeben, oder?

  7. Ohh, so eine wunderbare "Pflanzenaufbewahrung"! Wirklich schöne Sachen machst Du da! Vielen Dank für die vielen Inspirationen!



  8. ich versinke in deinen bildern. einmal mehr.
    weil ich sie so sehr mag.
    und weil sie so einzig sind.

    ein klein wenig wie magie.

    habs fein, du liebe!

  9. I love the little gif.
    And of course the images are just perfect little stories.
    Would love to own a barrett for my unruly hair too :)
    Thank you for the giveaway.

    1. thank you so much!
      so sad not every commenter could win :(

      and those barrettes do work excellent with unruly hair :)

  10. So einen simplen Pflanzenhänger würde ich gerne noch zu meiner Kollektion hinzufügen, reduziert auf das wesentliche, dass mag ich an deinen Dingen.
    Apropos strohigem Haar: probier das Haaröl von Aesop, es ist eine Wohltat für die Haare, nicht zu fettig und zieht schnell ein, den Geruch mag zwar nicht jeder: Ylangylang. Habe bereits einige ausprobiert und ich schwör auf dieses.

    1. danke dir!

      das mit dem öl werd ich ausprobieren! greife grade wieder zum glätteeisen, auch nicht die optimale lösung...

      beste grüße!

  11. wundervolle fotos! und den plant hanger hätte ich nur zu gern. ich finde großartig, was ihr macht!