it´s BOOKCLUB time again!
in case you want to join us - just let me know
we´re meeting again on 28.1., 19.30
it´s the story of a year in the life of a tiny bird - a dunnock or hedge-sparrow
one blurb´s saying it is a novel about
"... survival. The rapture of mating, the patient labour
of nest-building, the laying of tiny, sky-blue eggs - these milestones,
together with the fears and catastrophes of the dunnock´s year are beautifully
and movingly evoked."
i did it find a bit corny and in parts a bit like reading 
one of those trashy novels with doctors, royals and lots of fainting - but maybe it´s a bit the translation´s fault
also i felt cheated on the apparently very interesting sexual life
the ornithologist boyfriend of my sister promised me
(i will have to ask him about a few more things about those birds before we meet...)
so all in all i´m looking very foward to the discussion
made a seed cake looking a bit like a bird-feeding ring 
(seed crust?! i was afraid it might just get burnt, but it turned out exquisitley crunchy and now i know what the seed-cake-fuss in English novels is all about)
and a few bird fat balls for humans based on those SESAME BALLS
the font used is from the wonderful free font poject by THE PYTE FOUNDRY
(thank you so much for the link, dear ULMA)
fonts for headings are not to be used in running text, but i couldn´t care less
so here you have it!

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