here are a few thank-you-flowers
for your kind words and messages
and your patience when it comes to orders
it´s still only W who´s working and it isn´t easy since we do different things in the workshop
and now i have to sometimes show him how to do my tasks (instead of the other way round)
this year we had planned for him to teach me everything i didn´t know so far ( so he could retire at some point)
but none of this is happening right now
so we´ve slowed waaaaaay down
i´m still waiting, which can be very tiresome and frustrating
and i´m always so glad when a day ends on a not so bad note
still my pain hasn´t got a definite name
but quite an array of impressive possible diagnoses
it´s all so vague and keeps getting vaguer with every specialist
hopes getting shattered, good spirits crushed
and i try to choose getting better so hard
but willing to heal my body doesn´t seem to be enough most days
since i´m not so tired anymore right now
i walk a lot - by now i have found five secret paths in my neighbourhood
in case someone should be watching me, they´d probably think i´m insane
since i´m telling the collared doves i meet how cute they are,
take a close look at all the the inscriptions in the grave yard (probably not a mood booster)
and try to work out ways how to "save" those parrot tulips from an abandoned construction site
(i think i´ll do it someday midmorning when everyone is at work and there won´t be any witnesses)

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