here we are:
do take a LOOK at all of those pieces i made W create in the last months
we were quite amazed again by the natural beauty of the stones we used
they really were a treat (and pain - we managed to break only one during the process) 
to work with and of course they had to be set in gold
to make them shine even fancier
it was our "hardest" collection so far
the SUNS were actually drawn when i could only use my left hand
(but now they look so very hopeful and bright)
and in the process of creating all of the pieces i had to say good bye to my old way of working
and W hab to take on tasks we wasn´t used to so far
also there is a HUGE SAMPLE SALE going on
where you can find all of our discontinued pieces
and then there is this sweet mention in the HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE
of our stockist MAKERS&BROTHERS

3 Kommentare:

  1. Oh Anna und W so wunderschön... Advent 2017 darf ich mich da schonmal vorab einladen? Was empfehlt ihr mir Ring Größe 53 ich brauche noch ein Weihnachtsgeschenk für mich ⭐

    1. hallihallo liebe susanne,

      besten dank für deine lieben worte! nach was steht dir denn der sinn - schreib mir gerne per mail! ob es bis weihnachten noch fertig wird oder ankommt steht allerdings in frage...

      so oder so - beste grüße!

  2. Ich mag ja diese very tiny rings arg gerne ...