E was visiting for a bit more than two days
and we did spend a lot of time eating  - that´s almost all we did actually
and reading ELISABETH DALHOUSIE and FLAVIA DE LUCE mysteries in the sweltering heat
as promised i made the LEMON VERBENA BLUEBERRY PIE
(couldn´t find a small enough dish, so the top turned out kind of shattered)
i won´t tell you the very small amount of time passing by 
while the pictures of the baking tray full of blueberry and cream biscuits and the one without them were taken...
we also had melon granita, pasties filled with pumpkin, zuccini and all kinds of cheese, 
roasted sweet potatoes and radishes with spelt, she introduced me to Chinese cabbage
and i came up with "pie without the crust" - it´s kind of awseome
so far we had mascarpone with blackberries (thank you for that, dear Stephanie) and roasted peaches with ricotta
topped with herb sugar
we just couldn´t bake or eat another pie, so we just had the topping without the crust
E left in our grandmothers sandals
now i´m waiting for K to come to have an other feast

5 Kommentare:

  1. schlaraffenland wäre fast untertrieben, es klingt alles so köstlich!

  2. und sieht obenauf ganz wunderbar aus!

  3. ein fest für die augen. ich hätte zu gerne mitgeköstigt :)

  4. ich reihe mich ein ..so zauberhaft köstlich - zitronenverbene hätte ich zu gerne..