oh my cats...
it´s like hell trying to catch their mother in a trap
she already freed herself with supercat power since the door wasn´t closed completely
this is how they´re watching me working in the garden 
and how they look turned into NECKLACES
brought back a little something from Paris 
a almost too sweet cookbook (with gilt edging)
don´t use my plastic mixing bowls anymore
those vintage porcelain or earthenware ones are much more beautiful and easier to clean
and i have lots of them waiting for their turn
this one is used for WHOLE BEAN VANILLA COOKIES (without the whole bean - with powder instead)
found a little cutting
it has already grown a little root
also i was promised some cosmos for my garden next year
can´t wait

4 Kommentare:

  1. all beautiful, your treasures!
    cosmos, yes, i have them now! also white ones- a whole bush :)

    1. they are the best - i dreaming of white ones, too and i saw lavender coloured cosmos - they were so beautiful!

  2. gerade entdeckt..das büchlein steht bei uns auch..so schön zum schauen..