W is trying to smile with our SEMICIRCLE COLLAR NECKLACE
he has to work on that a bit more though
while taking the pictures he asked why a feature about olives would stream perfectly on his favorite gadget
and one about grapes wont
i had no idea of course
he´s very worried about the durability of his ipad so i told him i´d get him a new one
the minute his best new friend bites the dust
he seemed relieved
the intestines of antique church candlesticks
the silver pieces are currently getting a make over
the most disappointing pesto i made - ever
stringy - apparently too old - sorrel tasting bland and slightly tart
i´m a huge pesto lover
(and i tell everyone about that fact, a lot, it might turn into an annoying habit)
so i wont be put off by this and will try a new herb this very weekend
let´s see what the farmers market has to offer
TROPICAL MOONS in the morning sun
figs and blackberries from Ss + Ws garden
i have no idea where those shiny black seeds are from
but i find them all over the garden
quite likely a evil weed
i like to find little devilish gifts at the flea market
this hideous picture frame is for painter E
to put the drawings in she´s going to make when in France
bon voyage
an exhibition by ANA KRAS
a nice BLOUSE
a BOOK STAND EVENT i would have loved to visit
i wonder how this BRASS CUBE will looks once it´s actually used
it´s very likely heavily coated to remain shiny
but an uncoated one would be interesting too - getting brown, patchy, covered in verdigris

8 Kommentare:

  1. und dann keimen sie und
    nisten sich ein
    unter den grandios gefärbten finger-
    und sprießen und ergeben
    ein bild, ein bild so gut,
    dass es in alle rahmen sollte.

    1. jetzt heb ich sie mal auf für nächstes jahr
      und schau was für ein kraut gedeiht:)
      die nagelfarbe ist übrigens von butter
      falls interesse bestünde

  2. oh anna
    what a lovely summer post
    my parents are in r´burg in this moment
    i wish to be there too

    p.s. my grandmother's straw hat looks pretty like yours
    enjoy the sun and the positive things

    1. why didn´t you come with them?!
      that would have been so great:)

      no wonder your grandmothers straw hats looks similar
      this one is quite antique too:)

      have fun in the sun too!

  3. ;^)))
    that first image

    just one more week
    and i will open the package
    so looking forward.... ;^))

    1. :)

      you´re a very patient lady!
      hopefully everything will be just in perfect shape and size:)

  4. Fabulous hat shadow. I'd prefer my brass cube uncoated. I like your prediction of what might happen to the uncoated cube. Much more interesting than shine, to me.

    1. i´d love to see a picture of this cube in a few years...