somehow i ended up splatter painting some bedclothes during the solar eclipse last week
with a bit/lot of help from a friend (and probably our small town´s most controversial ARTIST)
who actually just came over to do a bit of garden work for me
which is quite awesome
wanted to do this for a long time
since i remembered how my mother got us to paint some tableclothes way back
and those colours are quite durable - we actually used some of those more than 25 year old paint pots
also barrettes - kind of the only thing on my mind lately
as you probably know in case you´re following me on INSTAGRAM
i highly recommend baking Ottolenghi´s banana bread and slathering the slices with tahini
you don´t need a display of splattered fabric, primroses and catkins to enjoy it
but it sure helps with those Spring feelings
opinions are completely my own
especially since this post wasn´t sponsored by Deka colours, nor by Monki nut butters
nor by the apron and workwear industry
i wish though
and when i was done messing with paint i found THIS
now i want her wardrobe

6 Kommentare:

  1. Bin ja kein so Freund von "bunt",
    aber Deine Schweinerei hat`s mir angetan - will ich jetzt auch machen!!

    Die Kleider sind der Knaller - I want too!!!

    1. die sauerei hat sich gelohnt! gib bescheid, wenn du garderobequellen auftust!

  2. ich bin so gern "bei dir", anna!
    so gern.
    und ich mag die haarspangen.
    so wunderschön.
    und deine bilder.
    so einzig und besonders.
    immer und immer wieder!

    hab ein ganz wundervolles wochenende, du liebe!