Last May, back when it was Summer and there was no snow and I had my BIRTHDAY PARTY, Elsa and Samuel had their first go at painting enamel at our workshop. They went on doing so for a while and sent us various packages filled with tiny paintings (see more about the casting process HERE). So at our Weihnachtsmarkt we were able to show the pendants we created with them AND Elsa even did custom live paintings, well she did one and the almost three year old subject wasn´t that into it, but she did it anyway. The custom option is still available, so contact us with your ideas via mail@wsake.com, but we also just put a lot of ready mades in the SHOP just now. To find out more about their artistic practice, please take a look at their WEBSITE.

Cats and dogs and fruit and a lot of talismans for any kind of ailment, I got a vertebra for myself and I´m thinking of also getting ovaries and an uterus, maybe a whole digestive system and arms, I really need arms. Everything should be just fine then, just fine. 

And in keeping with traditions around here, you can get a 14% Valentine´s Day discount using the code HAPPY14 at check out on orders placed by 11:59pm, February 14th. So treat yourself or your loved ones to something special! 

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